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Brisbane Garrison

October 3037 – January 3039

The Concordat is looking for a company-sized force to garrison the northern resorts on Brisbane and act as a deterrent to dolphin poachers.

Civilian Engineer Extraction

April 3037 – September 3037

A Company of Mercenaries is required to extract a defecting weapons engineer on Victoria in the Capellan Confederation. This engineer, along with his research and prototypes on …

Prototype Mech Retrieval

September 3036 – March 3037

Achernar Battlemechs on New Avalon has developed a new prototype variant of the Centurion with a radical autocannon design with advanced anti-aircraft capabilities. Achernar …

Garrison of Horsham

August 3034 – August 3036

The Federated Suns is looking for a company-sized force to garrison Horsham against possible incursions from either the Capellan Confederation or the Taurian Concordat. The unit …

Marriage of Convenience

September 3033 to July 3034

Jacob Tigerherz is a Lyran citizen who has relatives on both sides of the Marik/Andurien civil war. His cousin, Susanna, is planning on marrying one of Thomas Marik’s nephews …

Invasion of Lattice for Andurien

January 3033 – September 3033

The contracted unit will be required to land on Lattice and preform recon operations including scouting possible landing zones as directed by the accompanying FACF (Free Andurien Combat Forces) representative in preparation for …

Garrison Duty for the Federated Suns

January 3031 – August 3032

The Ceres Metals Factory needs a company to keep a watch on things now that the border with the Capellan Confederation is heating up again. The Magistracy of Canopus is hitting many worlds and capturing mech …

Objective Raid and Extraction for ComStar

September 3030 – December 3030

ComStar has had a breech of security. Several items were stolen by ’Mechs and units that were ostensibly painted in the colours of the Davion Guards. The Blessed Order intelligence arm, however, has uncovered rumors that …

Pirate Hunting Contract

July 3030 – August 3030

An unknown Pirate band has recently been raiding worlds along the Free Worlds League periphery border, striking Romita, Goth Khakar, Ghazlabad, and Lesnovo over the past several months. After their most recent raid, FWLM

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