Periphery Powers

The Periphery surrounding the Inner Sphere is home to a few nations of moderate power and many independent worlds cut off from civilization with the collapse of the Star League. The Inner Sphere perceives the Periphery much like modern developed nations perceive the Third World, though some of the major Periphery nations compare well with the weaker Inner Sphere states. Beyond the Periphery is unexplored space (sometimes called the Deep Periphery).

Major Periphery powers have prospered as a result of the “Piranha Principle”. A larger Inner Sphere state, for example the Free Worlds League, would be able to conquer the Magistracy of Canopus. However, the effort required to subdue the Magistracy would require the League to lower its defenses against both the Lyran Alliance and the Capellan Confederation. The cost required to subjugate a major Periphery power has allowed larger Periphery realms relative peace. Though Periphery realms have experienced several wars, only twice, during the Reunification War (2577-2597) and the Amaris Civil War (2767-2780), has the undivided attention of the Inner Sphere military-industrial complex been aimed at Major Periphery powers.

Major Periphery States

Taurian Concordat

The largest of the existing Periphery realms, the Taurian Concordat is located within the Hyades Rim. The Concordat is noted for its fiercely patriotic people and mild xenophobia. It is ruled by House Calderon

Magistracy of Canopus

The Magistracy of Canopus is an interstellar nation located in the Periphery. The Magistracy is a matriarchal society led by a Magestrix of the Centrella family. The capital is in the city of Crimson on Canopus. The Magistracy was founded by Free Worlds League defectors and expatriates in the Marik Expanses.

Outworlds Alliance

Located in the Outer Sphere, the Outworlds Alliance was settled by pacifists, protesters, refugees, and (later) the fringes of Inner Sphere society. Since the beginning of the 31st century, the situation in the Outworlds Alliance has become particularly grim. With the general loss of technology, Alliance worlds have suffered from declining population and literacy levels. Though protected by a strong military, many of these planets are unable to feed their own people.

Medium Powers

Marian Hegemony

The Marian Hegemony is a small, aggressive state, located among the March Worlds. The Hegemony is noted for its adoption of an Imperial Roman social model. The Marian Hegemony is an absolute monarchy, with absolute power vested in the Caesar, who can enforce his will by decree.

Oberon Confederation

Originally a short-lived successor of the Rim Worlds Republic the Confederation appeared again during the late Third Succession War as an outright Bandit Kingdom, which became increasingly respectable over the years, and by 3025 is grudgingly accepted as a minor Periphery power. The Confederation’s technological level is above average (by periphery standards at least), and the population includes many skilled scientists and technicians.

Minor Powers

Circinus Federation

Despite the fact that the Free Worlds military occupied Circinus during a lull in the Second Succession War, it is still the most successful of the Bandit Kingdoms, having long since adopted a presidential system of government. Piracy is a major governmental function, with covert “agencies” responsible both for the raids themselves and for covering them up. Lyran pundits often note that the Circinian president’s chief duty is to look the other way so that he will not have to acknowledge the crimes his government is constantly committing.

Lothian League

The Lothian League is a small Periphery realm composed by eight ice-and-snow planets located beyond the outer reaches of the Free Worlds League near the Marian Hegemony. During the last century, the League has became a major supplier of iron and copper ores to the Magistracy of Canopus and the Taurian Concordat, receiving in return agricultural and mining equipment to sustain its fragile existence. Also exported are furs. Indeed, its trapping industry created impressive revenues as its demand for the rich pelts has grown in the last century.

Tortuga Dominions

The Tortuga Dominions is a Bandit Kingdom in the Periphery from which occasional raids are launched against the Federated Suns and the Taurian Concordat in search of plunder. The Dominions are ruled by Dame Lady Death Paula Trevaline whose arrogant and cruel ways are well known. Her principle goal is to accumulate as much wealth and power as possible at the expense of others. She delights in humiliating her captives before executing them.

Independent Systems

Antallos (Port Krin)

Antallos III is the third planet in the Antallos system, and is an arid world with two moons. Following the collapse of the Star League civilization on Antallos collapsed quickly, and by the thirty-first century the barren wastes (“Free Zones”) of Antallos are home to roving gangs and itinerant pirate bands. The economy of Antallos, such as it is, ran off of (mainly illegal) free trade.


Astrokaszy is populated mainly by criminals, renegade MechWarriors, and unscrupulous traders. Nomadic bands of warriors scoured the deserts, while urban combat ceaselessly continues within the city-states. The urban destruction of the civil war is always visible – no faction has been stable enough to be able to rebuild, and city-scapes are literally clogged with rubble piles. The lack of central authority makes Astrokaszy a preferred destination for traders looking to sell off contraband.


Herotitus is an independent Periphery world situated between the Taurian Concordat and the Magistracy of Canopus. Settled jointly by the Taurians and Canopians in the later 2500s just prior to the Reunification War, Herotitus is an agrarian world that prospered due of its proximity to Periphery trade routes. Herotitus has never been engulfed in full-scale war.

In 2997, a hedonistic group from the Taurian Concordat, the New Hedons, arrived on planet and overthrew the government. Without touching the agrarian settlements, the Hedons established a large “pleasure industry”, providing customers with physical and/or spiritual indulgence, to the point of excess. Taxation from the pleasure industry was reinvested to allow Herotitus to support increased traffic and demand. Concurrently, profits from export of foodstuffs have also remained lucrative. The planet maintains these two distinct industries in strict isolation, and has achieved economic success.

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