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’Mech News: Majesty Metals Intros New Banshee

August 22, 3037

BNC-3MC Production Begins on Dunianshire

Majesty Metals and Manufacturing has spun up a new ’Mech production line at their Dunianshire facility this month. In addition to the Locusts and Shadow Hawks traditionally …

Merc News: Cranston Snord Retires

February 15, 3037

Rhonda Snord Now Commands Irregulars

Cranston Snord stepped down today from his position as commander of the Snord’s Irregualrs mercenary unit. He handed the reigns over to daughter, Rhonda. The Snord’s …

International News: FWLM Attacks Anduriens

December 30, 3036

Free Worlds League Reintegrates Andurien Systems

The FWLM invaded several Andurien systems this year after finally deciding to make a serious attempt at crushing the wayward Duchy. Successful invasions were carried out …

‘Mech News: Norse-Storm’s New Assault ’Mech

July 30, 3036

Devastator Enters Production

New Assault ’Mechs are rolling off the restored production lines at fledgling Norse-Storm BattleMechs factory on Loxley in the Lyran Commonwealth. The DVS-1D Devastator …

International News: Romano New Head of the CC

May 12, 3036

Romano named 30th Capellan Chancellor

In a sombre state ceremony today Romano Liao was officially named as the 30th Chancellor of the Capellan Confederation. The move comes as mere formality as Romano has …

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