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DATE: January, 3039

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International News: Delta Regiment Routed

October 30, 3038

Wolf’s Dragoons Defeated at Murchison

In its first major contract since suffering heavy losses during the 4th Succession War, the Delta Regiment of the famous Wolf’s Dragoons mercenary unit suffered a devastating …

’Mech News: Brand New Assault ’Mech

July 15, 3038

Luthien Armor Works’ Daboku Premiers

A completely new design for an Assault ‘Mech began rolling off the lines at Luthien Armor Works’ facility on Luthien this month. Dubbed the DCMS-MX90-D Daboku, this new …

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Available Contracts

Relief for Federated Suns

1 Year Extended Relief Contract – Multiple Engagements

The Federated Suns is gearing up to complete a series of Planetary Invasions. As a relief force your job would be to drop in where needed to reinforce existing on-planet …

Defense of Kathil Shipyards

1 Year Security Duty Contract

The Federated Suns are in the midst of completing extensive repairs to the orbital shipyards at Kathil and are looking for a Mercenary company to add additional security to the …

Extended Assault Operations

18 month Planetary Assault Contract – Multiple Engagements

A series of Planetary Assaults is being planned by the Free Worlds League Military and they are seeking top notch Mercenary units to assist. Hired Mercs will sign on for …

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