Luthien Armor Works' Daboku Premiers

’Mech News: Brand New Assault ’Mech

July 15, 3038

Luthien Armor Works’ Daboku Premiers

A completely new design for an Assault ‘Mech began rolling off the lines at Luthien Armor Works’ facility on Luthien this month. Dubbed the DCMS-MX90-D Daboku, this new ’Mech boasts the recovered technology CASE system, designed to prevent a chain reaction in the even of an ammo explosion within the ’Mech. Instead of the explosion cascading throughout the internal structure of the ’Mech, the CASE system directs the damage out through panels in the rear armour in a method similar to a shaped charge, allowing the ’Mech to remain operational and stay in the battle. This advanced technology has not been seen on the battle fields in well over two centuries. The armament of the Daboku is geared towards an efficient sniping platform able to engage the enemy at extreme ranges by mounting 4 Imperator AC/2s backed up by a pair of Delta Dart LRM-10s and twin Sunglow Large Lasers.

Also new this month from the Imstar Aerospace facility on Amity in the Free Worlds League is an update to the venerable Defender Medium Strike fighter. Called the Defender II, this new variant drops the secondary SRM-2 weapon in order to mount twin recoverd lostech Artemis IV Fire Control Systems for the primary LRM-5 launchers, giving it unparalleled accuracy at range with the weapons. This upgrade should make it positively deadly to other conventional aircraft and VTOLs and even make opposing MechWarriors take note when deployed in full squadrons.

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Luthien Armor Works' Daboku Premiers

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