Defense of Kathil Shipyards

Hiring Entity Federated Suns
Mission Type Security Duty
Planet Kathil
Length of Contract: 1 Year
Contract Payment: 5.2*base
Travel Time: 102 days (14 Jumps)

The Federated Suns are in the midst of completing extensive repairs to the orbital shipyards at Kathil and are looking for a Mercenary company to add additional security to the facilities from any outside interference. When repairs are completed, the shipyard will be the most advanced in the entire Federated Suns territory, capable of the production of new jumpships, dropships, and K-F drives.

Kathil lies deep in the Fed Suns territory far from attack. However, the shipyards will be the pride of the Federated Suns Naval technology update program and will potentially prove a tempting target despite the difficulty in penetrating to the system.

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Defense of Kathil Shipyards

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