M.E.R.C.S. Battletech

After Action Report - Retainer Contract

August, 3032

Repelled CC Raid on Indicass, St. Ives
MERCS tangled with some Capellan forces on Indicass. The fighting was intense, but MERCS’ superior tactics carried the day in two engagements. They brought down a Clint, a Griffin, a Crusader, and a Trebuchet in the fighting, losing only the pilot of one of their Schrecks in the process.

As the battle was nearing fever pitch in the woods north of the capital, however, two Overlord class DropShips landed and disgorged Veteran and Elite St. Ives Compact troops, who entered the battlefield and ordered the Capellans to surrender. They did, instantly. The commander of the St. Ives forces basically released MERCS from its contract and paid in full. For some reason, the “Capellan” mechs seemed to have St. Ives colors underneath their Liao-green paint jobs. MERCS packed up and left.



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